How To Get The Most Out Of Your MLM Leads

How To Get The Most Out Of Your MLM Leads

Your MLM Leads are not going to sign onto your downline just because you called them on the phone or blasted with an email advertisement. The average individual is being advertised to over 2000 times per day so your advertisement really isn’t going to motivate them into action unless they have a good reason.  

I’m not saying that blasting email boxes and making appointments with cold leads may get you a few sign ups, but as soon as they don’t make it rich over night they won’t be interested.  Instead I’d like to give you some tips on making your work at home business leads work for you.

Contact your MLM leads as if you were calling or emailing your best friend. No I don’t mean the ritualistic knuckle slapping that you tend to do with your close friends.  What I mean is that your home based business lead wants to be treated like a person.  No gimmicks, no ridicules promises, and no lies.

Make the encounter all about them. Try to remember that you are calling a MLM lead that asked to be contacted so they could find out more information about how to achieve their goals.  To them this is not about the product or even about you – this is about their hopes and dreams.  Keep the conversation or email concentrated on establishing and realizing their goals.

Don’t get caught up on the idea that this MLM lead cost you money.  If you are focused on the thought that every call or email that you make cost you money you will have a harder time enrolling your MLM leads.  Your tension and frustration about any leads that turned cold will come through in your voice.

Let’s touch a little but on that last topic.  Let’s say that you bought 1000 leads from a MLM Leads Service and they cost you $100.  Out of those 1000 home based business leads only 6 sign up – would you be upset?

For more MLM opportunities to work your Upline will quote to you what your ‘magic number’ is.  A magic number is the target number of people you want in your downline before you start seeing some real money.  Most MLM companies do not have a magic number greater than 6 so for $100 you have managed to find 6 new members of your downline.

If you break that down each network marketing lead only cost you $16.67, and you are bound to make that up shortly.  You may even have pulled a profit from their enrollment charges.

Buying leads is not about converting all 1000 people into your downline.  Even if you were able to do that you wouldn’t want to.  The purpose of buying leads is to find a small number of people who are able and willing to duplicate your success.  When your downline is successful that means that you are successful.

If you enroll too many people to join your downline you end up being unable to properly teach them to duplicate your success.  Duplication is key element to your MLM success.  

So as you can see finding too many people who want to join your immediate downline is also a problem.  If you ever have this ‘problem’ explain to your MLM leads that one of your downline has an opening and is completely qualified to assist them in every way.

This keeps your lead within your MLM ‘family’ and connected to your downline which will always turn into more rewards for you, more often.

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